Winter and the cooler months are an excellent time of year to start or continue the laser tattoo removal process, for 5 main reasons:

1. Less Sun Exposure = Better Results

With less time in the sun during the cooler months, your treatments are going to be more effective. When your skin is tanned, any laser treatments are going to be more attracted to the heightened levels of melanin in your skin (your tan) and less so to the tattoo ink. Therefore, you will get the best bang for your buck when your skin is at its most pale. This applies equally to artificial tanning products.

2. Reduced Potential Side Effects

Potential treatment side effects like blisters and skin pigment changes all very avoidable but can be heightened when a tattoo is exposed to the sun after a laser treatment. It is far easier to avoid the sun in the cooler months as you spend less time outdoors and uncovered.

3. You Can Be Hairy

During the healing process after a laser treatment, the area should not be shaved, waxed or plucked. All of these can irritate the skin, so avoidance for a few weeks is no big deal in the cooler months. Winter clothing will easily conceal any regrowth around the area.

4. Your Tattoo is Less Visible

After a laser tattoo removal treatment, your tattoo will be red and raised for a few days and will attract attention and questions. Additionally, as your tattoo fades gradually during the removal process, it won’t look so great. Covering it up in winter means you can avoid these issues.

5. You’re More Likely to be Tattoo Free by Summer

Regardless of your tattoo size, tattoo removal is a journey that takes multiple treatments over many months. The cooler months are an excellent time to make further gains and to move closer to your desired tattoo removal results by summer.

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