Not all laser wavelengths are created equal!


Tattoo Removal Process

This case study highlights the importance of using the appropriate laser wavelengths for the colours being treated. In the photograph on the on the far left, you can see an old black sun and moon tattoo (circled in red) that has been covered up by the new larger blue koi fish design.

Fortunately, the 1064nm laser wavelength that is used to treat black ink is not the wavelength required to treat blue. Therefore, in 3 simple treatments, we were able to remove the old sun and moon tattoo, without affecting the new blue tattoo.


Always ensure you choose a practice that has the requisite range of laser wavelengths available to treat your tattoo colours. In the case of blue and green inks, this means a Ruby laser (694nm) wavelength. In the case of black and dark tones, this means a 1064nm wavelength. For red, yellow, orange and light colours, a 532nm laser is required.
Darren Speight

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