Not all tattoo removal methods are created equal

Tattoo Removal Process

These photographs show 2 examples of clients who had previously been treated with a non-laser removal method. Specifically, the method involved re-tattooing a paste back into the original tattoo so that it would slough off via a scab. Unfortunately, in all cases that we have seen, such methods always lead to significant scarring and do not completely remove the ink.

Fortunately however, and as you can see from the photos above, we have been very successful in removing the residual ink left from such methods. In the first example above (photos 1 and 2), we were able to remove the residual ink after 4 laser treatments. In the second example (photos 3 and 4), the residual ink was removed in only 1 treatment – the last photo was taken immediately after the treatment. In both of these cases, we are now continuing to use our mixed technology YouLaser to reduce the scarring that was left from the original non-laser removal attempts.

Laser treatment is still the most superior tattoo removal method available. Don’t be lured by promises of quick fixes by other methods, as these almost always lead to scarring and disappointment.

If you have had such treatments in the past, don’t despair. With our combined laser approach, we can successfully remove any residual ink and scarring that you may have.

Darren Speight

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